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2Write back in business

2Write is up and running again after our two-year VSA volunteer posting in Timor Leste. While we were away, Pat worked as communications manager for development agency World Vision, mentoring local staff. Pip taught creative writing to a group of Timorese researchers and published a 140-page creative writing guide in Tetun two days before we left. For more on that and our other Timor adventures, check out our blog Dili Dally.

Now that were home, we’re available for writing, editing, oral history projects, newsletter and website design.

We’re also keen to run workshops to pass on our skills. We’ll teach individuals or groups creative writing, plain writing and report writing. We can also show your organisation how to set up a dynamic newsletter, blog or  website, and help you to maintain it.

Please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

Pip Desmond and Pat Martin

Life in Timor

Timorese eldersTimor-Leste is a fascinating new country. For regular updates on our adventures and the efforts of the Timorese people to build an independent nation, read Dili Dally.

Korean War book records NZ veterans’ memories

Pip and KW book (small)Pip’s latest book, The War That Never Ended, records the memories of 12 NZ veterans of the Korean War. Commissioned by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and published by Penguin Books, the book was launched in front of a big crowd at Parliament on 5 March 2013- read more >>