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2Write? Too right!

2Write is a Wellington-based communications company made up of husband and wife team, Pat Martin and Pip Desmond. We’re available for writing, editing and design, web publishing, speech writing, oral history projects, publications and workshops. We’re keen to pass on our communications knowledge in groups or one-on-one. We can also show you or your organisation how to set up a dynamic newsletter, blog orĀ  website, and help you maintain it.

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Pip and Pat

TEDx Wellington Women


As storytellers, we must be fearless, both in our pursuit of truth and in our compassion for the real people whose lives we trample through. Pip explored the concept of compassionate truth as a speaker at TEDx Wellington Women.

Creative writing guide a Timor highlight

Pat and Pip at the launch of Pip's book two days before we left Dili to return home.Matadalan Hakerek Kreativu is the first creative writing guide in Timor-Leste’s national language, Tetun. We were VSA volunteers there when Pip wrote the 140-page guide and Pat designed it. Read more>