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who we are

We are experienced, versatile writers who enjoy writing, editing and designing print and web-based publications, and passing on our skills to others. Together we’ve worked for public and private sector organisations, universities, unions, Members of Parliament, community groups and development organisations.

Pat Martin

These days I organise contract work around my grandchildren, gardening, the outdoors and community sport. Family history is a special interest. Late in 2021 I wrote this piece for O’Kiwi, a blog I set up for Kiwis with a Celtic connection. I’m currently writing the story of my maternal grandfather, WW1 veteran Richard White.

I’ve been a communications advisor for the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment,  a political advisor for the Labour government, and publications manager for the Department of Building and Housing. I also spent two years as a volunteer communications advisor in Timor-Leste and worked for Volunteer Service Abroad on our return.

Along the way there have been websites, newsletters, union publications, book editing and book writing. I  have a post-graduate diploma in journalism and first class honours in Sociology and History.

Pip Desmond

Pip portrait April 2022 webI combine contract work with writing stories about real people especially those whose voices are seldom heard. My latest memoir, Song for Rosaleen, is both a celebration of my mother Rosaleen’s life and an intimate account of how our family coped when Mum got dementia. My two other books—the award-winning  Trust: A True Story of Women and Gangs and The War That Never Ended: NZ Veterans Remember Koreatell the stories of ordinary Kiwis in extraordinary circumstances. I am currently working on a new book.

I love editing other people’s work almost as much as writing my own. A two-year volunteer stint in Timor-Leste was a unique opportunity to teach creative writing and write a creative writing guide in the local language, Tetun. Back in New Zealand, I’ve run a number of  creative non-fiction writing workshops.

I’ve been a ministerial press secretary and political advisor, and spent many years working in the community sector. I have an MA in Creative Writing, post-graduate diploma papers in journalism, and a BA in History.